Writing On

Writing On

Week 6 of social isolation now complete. Two days of snow. Seven days of below average temps. Even Mother Nature is trying to keep us indoors … and succeeding brilliantly.

Some good news this week. On Tuesday, my last Anna Sweet novella Too Close to Home was shortlisted for the Best Novella Arthur Ellis Award. This is the third book in my eight-book series to be nominated and rather lovely since it wraps up the tale. The Arthur Ellis Awards are the national crime fiction annual awards sponsored by Crime Writers of Canada to honour the best in Canadian writing. My book is in some excellent company – congratulations to all the nominees!

I’ve been getting in some good writing time on the latest manuscript. I have to say that having a book on the go helps to pass the time and takes my mind off all the worrisomeness going on in the world. We had a particularly difficult week with the tragedy that unfolded in Nova Scotia last weekend. I’m sick over the senseless, horrible deaths and the violence that is impossible to comprehend. Ted and I have deep roots in Nova Scotia and grieve with the province and the country for the victims, their families and all who love them.

Well, this promises to be a half-decent weekend weather-wise to lift our spirits. I’m going to clean out the garden and get in some outdoor time. I might even take my laptop outside and sit in the sunshine to write. I’m at around 15,400 words now and starting a new chapter this morning. I also have to write a post for 7 Criminal Minds blogspot this Monday and we’re asked about our offices and writing space. You can click on the link to see where I spend my days.

Still waiting to receive the five books I ordered from Perfect Books but some are special order so I knew they’d take a few weeks to get in. I’m looking forward to some good reading coming up. Consider ordering books from the independent bookshops in your neighbourhood, like Perfect Books and Books on Beechwood in Ottawa. We need to support our local businesses to make sure they’re able to stay in business through this pandemic. We’re also ordering supper tonight to pick up curbside from a restaurant in our hood so doing what we can.

Stay well, my friends. Have a good week and I’ll be back next Saturday to check in.