Writing in a Winter Wonderland

Writing in a Winter Wonderland

Today’s the day of the big snow in Ottawa. Twenty-five centimetres possible. Our first real blizzard this winter, which coincides with another ‘stay at home’ order. A good day to put a fire in the grate and curl up with a good book.

On top of my reading pile is Barack Obama’s biography A Promised Land, a 700-page book that I’ve been enjoying the past few weeks. It’s comforting to read his perspective on past world events and to know that Joe Biden will continue this measured, caring leadership come Wednesday. Obama explains a lot of the American political processes, which seem so convoluted and strange to us Canadians. The fact black people didn’t get the vote until 1965 still boggles my mind although we have skeletons in our own closets. Indigenous people could vote at the time of Confederation (1867) but only if they gave up treaty rights and Indian status. The right for all Indians to vote in Canada was as late as 1960. The last residential school in Canada closed in 1996. Yup. Mind-boggling, misguided and shameful. We need to widen, not narrow, the better path going forward.

I’m continuing on interviewing Eastern Ontario authors. You can see my interview with Barbara Fradkin, which was posted on the Crime Writers of Canada Youtube site on Monday. Barb has a new book coming out this month called The Ancient Dead. I interviewed Thom Bennett this past Sunday and it will be posted Monday. He’s an interesting guy. Former teacher and ran summer stock theatre in the Muskokas for twenty summers with professional actors and directors. I only wished we had more time to delve into his experiences.

My writing is coming along slowly. I’m reworking the latest manuscript, now at 62,000 words, but I think these revisions will make it a better mystery when all is said and done. Also this week, Grass Roots Press put the audio books for my Anna Sweet novellas on their website for purchase. They’re mainly focusing their publicity efforts on adult literacy organizations but you can place an order if you want to give a listen. The books are also available in paperback format from Amazon.

So, Ted and I watched the entire Bosch series on Amazon Prime over Christmas and the first part of January. Six seasons of ten episodes each season made for a lot of binging. I’d previously read all the books by Michael Connelly so interesting to see how they were made into tv scripts. We feel at loose ends now, ready for suggestions for another good series!

Time for another cup of coffee as I look out at the snow-globe of a world. Stay home and stay safe everyone. Reach out to those living alone and brighten their day 🙂