Wrapping up for the Summer

Wrapping up for the Summer

As the weather warms up and summer days begin, I’m wrapping up this blog until September. Covid-19 means that I’m unable to line up any events which limits my news so this seems a good time to take a break. So this will be my last post for a while. You can check out my bi-weekly posts though on 7 Criminal Minds blogspot, which will continue all summer long. My next one is this coming Monday, May 25 and every two weeks thereafter.

I spent a good part of this week going to garden stores and planting flowers. We settled on a maple tree for the front yard to replace the two lost balsams and I have a good sight line of the tree from my office, which will turn bright red in the fall. All this gardening meant not a lot of writing this week. However, I had a phone call with a New York agent who gave me some good feedback on my manuscript and a road map for improving the plot. I’m now setting aside the manuscript I was working on and am reworking the one I finished earlier this year. There are no guarantees that the agent will accept the reworked book, but they’ve asked to see it again so this is all encouraging and gives me a goal to work towards.

I’ve accepted to be Crime Writers of Canada’s Eastern Ontario representative for the year ahead, and we had a Zoom annual general meeting on Thursday when new nominations were voted in. I’m not sure what will be possible with the social isolation restrictions still in place so this will be an interesting venture as we all adjust to the new reality.

So, thank you everyone for following along on my writing journey and for supporting me by purchasing and recommending my books. If I should happen to have any news over the summer, I’ll be posting on my website (www.brendachapman.ca) Facebook (BrendaChapmanAuthor) or Twitter (brendaAchapman) so you can follow me at these sites.

Have a great, safe, healthy summer and check back in September!