We’re Falling Back!

We’re Falling Back!

And we’re into November, my second least favourite month behind February (speaking weather here). However, unlike last year, I’m back curling, we’ve eaten in a few restaurants, and even socialized indoors on occasion, so this November is looking up compared to last year. A reminder to set your clocks back tonight if this affects you.

I drove across the city on Tuesday afternoon to drop in on a book club that I’ve become friends with since my first visit a few years ago. They’ve read all the Stonechild books and this time were discussing In Winter’s Grip. In preparation, I reread the book, which I wrote over ten years ago, and found myself quite engaged in the story, not remembering chunks of it, including the conclusion. I wonder if other writers also forget what they’ve written? Anyhow, we had a good discussion over tea and scones, and the upshot is that they really like the book.

Thursday night, I Zoom-visited a bookclub in Burlington. They were dressed in winter coats, sitting in an unheated sunroom with a fireplace for heat, drinking wine …. my kind of bookclub 🙂 They’d read Cold Mourning and some had gone on to read other books in the series. One woman works with vulnerable people and she said that she was pleased that Kala Stonechild had overcome past trauma and hardship to have a good, productive life. She said this was an inspiring message for the people she worked with and one that was needed. We had another good discussion and I now have a standing invitation to visit next time I’m down their way.

So, got in some writing this week as I zero in on 38,000 words in this latest manuscript. I’m averaging 4,000 words a week and will try to step it up. The plot is progressing as I hit the nearly half-way part with someone’s body discovered this chapter. What I thought would be a straightforward plot has gotten all twisty with complicated characters hiding secrets. It’s getting fun to write, but a little slow-going as a result.

I’ve got a few events coming up. The first is December 1st at 7 p.m. on Crime Writers of Canada Facebook live. We’ll be speed dating a number of authors from this region with Mary Jane Maffini emceeing the evening. I’m hoping to have the poster to share soon and hope you can stop by. There are an amazing number of fine crime writers in this part of the country.

The second event is in the process of being organized, but it will be at a library in Kemptville sometime this month. It’ll be streamed or taped and posted so I’ll give the details once I know them.

And that’s all I got this week. Time for another coffee before I get on with the day. I see some leaf-raking in my future.