Welcoming in 2021!

Welcoming in 2021!

Happy New Year, everyone. I have to say that 2021 is starting off with a great deal of drama as we watch events unfold in Washington and Georgia. Biden told us to ‘buckle up’ after the two Democrats won Senate seats in Georgia so I suspect more excitement ahead. Kind of the opposite to our everyday lives, asked to stay at home with another shutdown underway in my province.

I continue to work on my latest manuscript. The one I wrote last year doesn’t appear destined for publication, but I’m not thinking of it as a setback. I tried out some new techniques and enjoyed myself immensely. I’m setting the manuscript aside for now and will have another look at it once some time has passed. In the meantime, I continue to have fun with this new one, which is closer to a police procedural and classic mystery. I like the characters who are starting to take shape and I’m hoping to make them into a series.

I’m also continuing with the Crime Writers of Canada interviews, and have one slated for tomorrow morning with Thom Bennett, author of the Cass Gentry mystery series. One lovely side effect of these interviews is learning about authors I haven’t met before and having a chance to chat with them. Every one is interesting in their own right. My interview with Barbara Fradkin will be posted on Monday morning so check it out on the CWC Youtube site.

I started off the 7 Criminal Minds blog this year with a post about setting a book in another country and era. It was a fun exercise and kind of made me think about writing a historical mystery. Too many ideas, too little time … even if I’m home all day!

Over the holidays, I was interviewed by a British radio station called Chat and Spin. They play some good music broken up by short interviews with creative types from all over the world. Mine went well and they’ve asked me back in February. You can listen to my five minutes at the fifty-five minute mark in the podcast. I’ll also be interviewed for a podcast at the end of the month originating out of Vancouver. More about that later.

Finally, thank you to everyone who took the time to send emails to me with their positive thoughts on the Stonechild series and to those who posted reviews on Goodreads. I particularly liked starting the New Year with this review on Instagram 🙂

And this wraps up my first blog post in 2021. Wishing you a good week and I’ll check in again next Saturday morning.