Turning the Page

Turning the Page

First day of May! This is usually my favourite month of the year. Trees in bloom, temperatures rising, tulips, daffodils … the world stretching after a long winter sleep and coming back to life.  So good. Here are a few photos of the magnolias at Ottawa’s Experimental Farm this week. The one photo is of me with my daughter’s corgi Trooper.

I sent my manuscript to four beta readers to get their feedback. So far, I’ve heard back from one who gave a rather glowing review with several grammar corrections and no plot changes. I’m waiting for three more critiques and am working on a query in the meantime. I’m not sure how to proceed with getting this one published, but I’m going carefully, taking in as much information as I can, and keeping all my options open. I’m also running ideas through my head for the second in the series and am itching to start writing. I think I’ll work on a first chapter before too long. I always miss writing when I haven’t got something on the go.

Several readers have been sending messages to me about the series and saying how much they enjoy the books. Many have been asking that the entire series be made into audio books – currently only Cold Mourning and Butterfly Kills have been recorded. In addition, the ratings and reviews are coming in steadily on Goodreads. Thank you to everyone for taking the time to connect and for sharing your enjoyment of the books. All the interest is heart-warming 🙂

My interview with Rick Mofina is now up on the Crime Writers of Canada site. We had a fun time recording and Rick shares a lot about his start as a writer and his years as a crime reporter. My blog post on 7 Criminal Minds was also posted Monday — a couple of links for you to check out.

I sat in on a Sisters in Crime webinar this week about starting a podcast, something I’m thinking of doing with one of my good friends. It seems easy enough to get going but the hard part will be deciding on the format and figuring out the target audience. Anyhow, if we ever get this going, you’ll be the first to know 🙂

I hope you’re doing okay with the latest lockdown if this affects you. I’ve talked to several people on Zoom and through email who are having trouble this time around. It feels as if this isolation will never end, but we have to dig deep and keep supporting each other. Reach out to those living alone, and if you are alone and feeling down, call a friend and stay in touch. I find that walks and exercise help to keep the blues away. This stay at home order is all the more difficult because we aren’t supposed to get together with anybody outside our household (unless you live alone and can associate with one other family) and this will last for six weeks until May 20. We sure hoped we’d be beyond the need for this by now, but here we are.

Today, let’s celebrate the start of the beautiful month of May and spring’s return. There are good days ahead.