Trucking Along

Trucking Along

Well, it’s an exciting weekend in Ottawa with a convoy of truckers taking over the downtown in a protest against Covid mandates, such as the vaccine requirement for truckers and mask requirements for all. They avow that their freedoms are being trampled on. The right to peacefully protest is embedded in our democracy and one we need to protect. This doesn’t mean those not protesting  have to agree with the protesters’ stance on Covid protocols.

Another busy week with not a lot to show. No writing, but I’m going to change this in the coming week. I’ve already got my latest manuscript up on the computer, ready to start tackling it again. Sometimes, time away is the best tonic. It makes me come back refreshed and eager to get back into the story. I believe a lot of the creative process needs time to percolate and never underestimate the power of time away from the keyboard.

This week, I was one of three judges for a kids’ flash fiction writing contest for the Blackburn Community Association. This involved reading and grading the stories and a Zoom call with the organizer, Maureen Forsythe, and my fellow judges, Kate Heartfield and Paul Toffanello. I always like these initiatives that encourage kids to write and be creative. I was also preoccupied part of this week by reading an advance copy of a fellow author’s book (really enjoyed) and giving a recommendation quote.

The audiobook taping of Blind Date continues, and I’ve been critiquing the chapters as they’re completed. This is a real collaborative process and while time-consuming, lots of fun. I’m also totally impressed by my talented narrator!

I’ve contacted a few book blogger/reviewers and send them copies of Blind Date. If you are a blogger and would like a review copy, please contact me through my website. If you’re a reader and on Goodreads, you can indicate that you plan to read Blind Date — all the reviews, preorders etc. help the book to rise to the fore on book sites.

I’ve also been working on a modified launch, which will be a Facebook Live event. My good friend, author Mary Jane Maffini is going to interview me and I’ll do a short reading. Be sure to mark your calendar for Tuesday, March 15 at 7 p.m. EST. I really wanted to have a live party, but Covid has put the kibosh on this for another year.

So, another week in the books. Still mighty chilly in our neck of the woods with frostbite warnings almost every night. This has been a tough January. Let’s hope February has more bright spots.

This week’s ad. I’m kind of in love with this cat.