The Weather Outside is Frightful

The Weather Outside is Frightful

Another Saturday morning and time to catch up on my writing week.

It was a fun one with two author visits at opposite ends of the city. Monday, I drove to Gloucester to join up with Nancy Reid and her east end sorority chapter to talk about writing and my books.

Wednesday, Sandy Woods hosted her book club in her home in Stonebridge, near Manotick, and I met another lovely group of women. Luckily, both trips avoided snowstorms, a worry at the start of the week 🙂

I’ve learned as I visit more book clubs and organizations that these are more than simply social gatherings. The women become lifelong friends and support networks and often volunteer and raise money for various worthwhile causes. I’m always impressed by the strength of their bonds and the depth of their caring for each other and their communities. If you have a chance to join or start up a book club, don’t let the opportunity pass you by! This coming week, I’ll be guest author at a mystery book club closer to home, and I’m looking forward to meeting more wonderful women. If you belong to a book club and would like me to drop in either virtually or in person (Ottawa), send an email to me through my contact page on my website.

Octopus Books in the Glebe contacted me yesterday to set up an in-store event with author John Delacourt, who will also have a new release this spring. We’re booked for Thursday, May 9 with the time yet to be determined. I post upcoming events on the main page of my website, so you can always check there as we get closer to Fatal Harvest’s debut.

This week, I spent three or four hours a day going through the Fatal Harvest manuscript one last time in preparation for posting in on Amazon for advance orders. I expect to have it up within a few days and will let you know when this happens. It will also be on NetGalley soon for advance reviews. Speaking of NetGalley, I still receive reviews for When Last Seen as reviewers make it through their to-be-read piles. Here is part of one that arrived in my email yesterday:

Wow, what can I say I enjoyed this book so much. It kept me glued to my Kindle from start to finish I didn’t want to put it down. The characters were well-written and likable and the story was told from multiple points of view which kept it very interesting giving the story a wider perspective.

There are several twists and turns in this book and when you think you know where the story is going it takes you in another direction. It’s the definition of taking you down a rabbit hole but in a good way. It will lead you to a host of unsavory characters, secrets, and things you can’t believe. If you get a chance to read this book you won’t regret it.

A heart-warming endorsement!

In case you missed my Monday blog post on 7 Criminal Minds, here’s the link. This week, we’re writing about our new normal after the pandemic.

So, we’re having a snowy Saturday with freezing rain arriving this afternoon. It’s another good day to stay cosy indoors, light a fire, put on some music, and settle in with a good book. I guess you know what I’ll be doing as the inclement weather swirls outside my window! Have a good weekend, everyone.