The Holidays Cometh

The Holidays Cometh

Eight days until Christmas Eve, not to freak anybody out 🙂 My husband thought Christmas was this coming Monday, so imagine his relief … he hasn’t set foot in a store yet or gotten the tree. But no matter. Things always fall into place.

So last Saturday’s book signing at Coles Billings Bridge was a good time, manning the table with Barbara Fradkin. We caught up on all things life- and book-related and met some new readers. A woman I grew up down the street from in Terrace Bay came by and we had a good chat about people and days gone by – I love when this happens! I also met the store manager Rhonda, who kept some of my books and has suggested another signing in the spring when Fatal Harvest is released. All in all, a lovely way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

Wednesday evening, Ted and I went to the annual Capital Crime Writers annual Christmas dinner, this time held at the Brittania Yacht Club with guest speaker Norm Boucher. Norm was an undercover RCMP officer, working in B.C. in the drug squad in the eighties. He wrote a book titled Horseplay about those years and it was shortlisted for a Crime Writers of Canada Award of Excellence for crime non-fiction. I bought a copy and look forward to giving it a read. I interviewed Norm as part of a series featuring local authors and you can learn more about him on this Youtube video. It’s so good to see Capital Crime Writers thriving. I spent several years on the executive and still know lots of members, but there are many new people who’ve joined since my tenure, keeping the group vibrant.

I spent this past week editing Fatal Harvest, working to have everything shipshape before the holidays. (I should have this accomplished before Ted goes shopping.) Seriously, when he does the last-minute dash to the store, I usually get jewelry, so I don’t mind if he heads out Christmas Eve 🙂

I blogged Monday on 7 Criminal Minds with my annual book recommendations. My fellow bloggers also gave their picks over the past two weeks if you are looking for some ideas.

I’m hoping to get back writing this week once I’ve completed the editing, but one never knows this time of year. Those Christmas cookies aren’t going to bake themselves. Same goes for the tree getting decorated or Hallmark movies getting watched. I hope you also manage to get everything done this last week before Christmas (for those who celebrate the season) without feeling the stress. Don’t forget it’s never too early to pour a glass of rum and egg nog while you listen to Bing croon about another white Christmas.