Summer Book Ideas!

Summer Book Ideas!

Good Saturday morning, everyone. It’s been a quiet week and I’ve gotten in quite a bit of time at the keyboard, achieving 76,000 words on this latest manuscript. The Blind Date audiobook is also near completion and will be ready to upload to book sites this week. On we go…

I was invited to take part in an ‘book swap’, organized by author Kathleen Kaska. She gathered information from 10 other authors about our new releases, and each author is sending this information, mainly in their newsletters, to their readers. Since I do not have a newsletter, I’m posting the list below. In this eclectic selection of books are mystery, romance, suspense, a coming-of-age novel, multi-cultural women’s fiction, and a collection of short stories — some ideas for your summer reading list. The post includes links to booksellers.

Ten Great Books by Ten Great Authors

Murder mysteries, short stories, romance, intrigue … it’s all here!

Summer is around the corner and I’m pleased to share ten terrific books by some new writer friends.

Murder at the Menger: A Sydney Lockhart Mystery by Kathleen Kaska

Release date: June 24, 2022. Available for pre-sale now.

It’s 1953, and detective Sydney Lockhart finds herself solving another murder in another famous hotel. The victim is a slick bookie named Johnny Pine who had his dirty fingers in pies from Texas to Florida. Sydney tracks Pine to the Menger Hotel in San Antonio where she discovers he’s been murdered in the room next to hers. And as usual, Sydney is a suspect. With her partner, Ralph Dixon, handling the case from Austin; or so she believes, Sydney is working alone in unfamiliar territory. A string of illicit deeds that trails from San Antonio to New Orleans, leads to more murder. Uncertain of whom she can trust, Sydney’s only choice is to find the killer before the killer finds her.

Kathleen Kaska

Kathleen Kaska is the author of The Sherlock Holmes Quiz Book, which has been updated and reissued by Rowman &…


Reaching For Forever by Tara Eldana

Flora Hargrove is a school teacher, a normal kind of gal who is all about family and friends. So when her best friend needs undercover help to save a teen that’s gone missing, she’s all in — stripper pole and all. Mandy wasn’t totally straight with Flora, so when she donned her outfit, or ‘took off her clothes’, she was more embarrassed until it let loose something inside of her she never knew she had. Then one thing led to another and now she’s pregnant.

Rex Reddington is struggling with his new life. He’s literally a jack-of-all-trades and now finds himself helping his PI friend moonlight on a kidnapping case that’s about to come down. Problem? The criminals were onto them and they needed to take cover — so they each took one of the dancers for a lap dance in one of the private rooms. And it should have stopped there. But it didn’t…it went too far. But no regrets. Even when they met months later and he found out he was a soon-to-be dad.

Reaching for Forever (Kinklink Book 4)

Reaching for Forever (Kinklink Book 4) – Kindle edition by Eldana, Tara . Download it once and read it on your Kindle…


Trail Through Time ~ Liberty Valley Love, Book 5 by Jose Malone

When a suspected murderer escapes from the Junction City jail, the marshal’s younger brother, Kyle Morgan feels honor bound to follow him from 1888 Liberty Valley to the 21st century. From what his new sister-in-law, former homicide detective Beth Chambers-Morgan has shared, Kyle knows a woman he’s only seen in pictures is in mortal danger. Somehow, he must convince her that he’s traveled more than a hundred years to protect her. The survivor of a horrendous attack, horse rescuer, Nina Armstrong blames herself for the death of her best friend who pursued her assailant and vanished in Mount Baker National Forest. Now, a battle-scarred stranger arrives determined to guard Nina from the serial killer planning to eliminate the sole witness to his crimes. Intelligent, brave, Kyle Morgan talks like an old-time cowboy, but Nina wonders about his claims to be from a distant place and time. Why is she so drawn to him?

Love may prove to be the biggest threat of all when survival is on the line. Will they create a future together in Liberty Valley or will Kyle abandon her and return to the days of yesteryear? What is home and where will they find it?

Trail Through Time (Liberty Valley Love Book 5)

Trail Through Time (Liberty Valley Love Book 5) – Kindle edition by Malone, Josie. Romance Kindle eBooks @


Educating Aviva by Rebecca Marks

Beautiful Aviva Stern never dreamed she would leave her strong Hasidic community, nor does she ever imagine meeting and falling in love with a stranger from a completely different background. Nevertheless, a frightening incident in her life makes her feel she has no choice but to escape, although she has no real place to go. But her chance meeting of handsome, kind David Delgado, a Colombian musician, enables her to make the difficult transition and to have confidence that she can be loved and succeed in a very different world from the one in which she grew up. : Educating Aviva by Rebecca Marks

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Bad Blood Sisters by Saralyn Richard

Quinn McFarland has grown up around dead bodies…

Quinn’s always joked about death, but this summer, death stops being funny. For one thing, her brother finally undergoes transplant surgery. For another, Quinn’s estranged BFF, her “blood” sister, is brought into the family mortuary, bludgeoned to death. Quinn’s haunted by the past, her friendship gone awry, and the blood oath she’s sworn to keep secret. The police consider her a person of interest, and someone threatens her not to talk. Quinn is the only one who knows enough to bring the killer to justice, but what she’s buried puts her in extreme danger.

Fans of Lisa Jewell, Shari Lapena, and “Six Feet Under” will stay up late reading BAD BLOOD SISTERS.

Bad Blood Sisters

Bad Blood Sisters – Kindle edition by Richard, Saralyn. Romance Kindle eBooks @


The Mind Spins by Geza Tatrallyay

The Mind Spins by Geza Tatrallyay is an exploration of the creative process, of the mind as it plots a narrative and builds characters. The thirteen stories included in the collection are divided into two parts, Awake and Dreaming. The six that make up Part I, Awake, explore how the human mind creates a story in its waking state. Several of the tales in this section take off from the author’s own experiences — walking in the woods in Vermont, a phone message from his brother, a stray item of lingerie — while others are based on critical social issues — the fate of refugees in the US, human trafficking, the plight of homeless veterans. The stories in Part II, Dreaming, are based on dreams the author had and managed to capture upon waking. These fully reflect the zany manner in which dreams can spin off in new directions, often bringing in new seemingly unrelated characters, some of which are sometimes non-human, others clearly from a non-contemporaneous past or future. Yet it is also evident that these stories, too — the first “draft” of which were “spun” by the mind in its dreaming state — are based on the author’s experiences. A fascinating collection!

The Mind Spins: A Collection of Short Shorties

The Mind Spins: A Collection of Short Shorties [Tatrallyay, Geza] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers…


Until Dead by Donnell Ann Bell

When Lt. Everett T. Pope is notified of an explosion in downtown Denver close to the judicial buildings, his first instinct is gas leak. No such luck. As Incident Command and Pope’s own Major Crimes unit move in, he discovers he knows the intended victims — an Assistant U. S. Attorney — and Pope’s former partner, now a private investigator, has died shielding the injured AUSA with his body.

As ATF and the FBI take over investigating the bombing and unraveling motives behind the murder attempt, Pope is relegated to a peripheral role. But the injured AUSA’s aunt is a United States senator used to getting results. She turns to the team that solved the Black Pearl Killer murders with a very big ask — find her answers and locate the bomber.

FBI Special Agent Brian DiPietro must recall his entire cold case team from their far-flung assignments knowing he’s being asked to do the impossible. The senator, however, doesn’t know the meaning of the word. All too soon, DiPietro finds his team working alongside ATF on a red-hot mission. One that uncovers a decades’ old cold case.

Donnell Ann Bell is an award-winning author of four romantic suspense novels, all of which have been e-book bestsellers.

Until Dead: A Cold Case Suspense

Until Dead: A Cold Case Suspense – Kindle edition by Bell, Donnell Ann. Download it once and read it on your Kindle…


Grant’s Crossing Series — Death of the Alder by Jamie Tremain

Twenty-eight-year-old Alysha Grant has inherited a large, rural family property — Leven Lodge. A converted farmhouse is now home to a small, but eccentric group of retirees. She feels overwhelmed and totally unprepared for this responsibility but dives in. Her arrival coincides with a body found floating in the Alder River. The suspicious death brings attention to some of the home’s residents and may be connected to a proposed casino. Opinion is divided on whether the development, to be built on a former sawmill location once belonging to Alysha’s family, will be a good thing for Grant’s Crossing.

Alysha and her life partner, Jeff Iverson, settle into their new duties, learning about the home’s residents and what makes them tick, when another body is retrieved from the river. Coincidence? Alysha and new friends, voice their suspicions regarding the town’s shady naturopath — Dr. Reid Harrison — and vow to keep him away from those who live at the lodge.

Despite their best intentions, Alysha finds her own life threatened, when true motives around the casino are revealed.

Grant’s Crossing

Visit Amazon’s Grant’s Crossing Page and shop for all Grant’s Crossing books. Check out pictures, author information…


Stitch, Bake, Die! An Anastasia Pollack Crafting Mystery

With massive debt, a communist mother-in-law, a Shakespeare-quoting parrot, and a photojournalist boyfriend who may or may not be a spy, crafts editor Anastasia Pollack already juggles too much in her life. So she’s not thrilled when her magazine volunteers her to present workshops and judge a needlework contest at the inaugural conference of the New Jersey chapter of the Stitch and Bake Society, a national organization of retired professional women. At least her best friend and cooking editor Cloris McWerther has also been roped into similar duties for the culinary side of the 3-day event taking place on the grounds of the exclusive Beckwith Chateau Country Club.

The sweet little old ladies Anastasia is expecting to meet are definitely old, and some of them are little, but all are anything but sweet. She’s stepped into a vipers’ den that starts with bribery and ends with murder. When an ice storm forces Anastasia and Cloris to spend the night at the Chateau, Anastasia discovers evidence of insurance scams, medical fraud, an opioid ring, long-buried family secrets, and a bevy of suspects.

Can she piece together the various clues before she becomes the killer’s next target?

Crafting tips included.

USA Today and Amazon bestselling author Lois Winston began her award-winning writing career in 2006 with the humorous novel Talk Gertie to Me.

Stitch, Bake, Die! (An Anastasia Pollack Crafting Mystery Book 10)

Stitch, Bake, Die! (An Anastasia Pollack Crafting Mystery Book 10) – Kindle edition by Winston, Lois. Download it once…


The Bug Diary by Amber Fraley

Set mostly on the KU campus and around Lawrence, The Bug Diary is a coming-of-age novel

about freshman Kymer Charvat’s struggles and triumphs in learning to break away from home

and adjust to campus life in a new state. Kymer hopes to be an entomologist someday, and

luckily, her dad’s alma mater, the University of Kansas, has a great insect collection and

entomology program. With her new best friends Siren and Mattie—and occasionally a little

harmless experimentation—Kymer explores the iconic University of Kansas campus. But when

the ghost of Carrie Watson, first librarian and namesake of KU’s Watson Library, hands Kymer

an old insect field journal created by KU’s first female graduate in 1873, Kymer must figure out

why she’s been gifted the bug diary.

Amber Fraley is your typical Gen Xer suburban Kansas wife and mom of one who grew up a

book nerd in a dysfunctional family and now writes about those experiences as hilarious therapy.

She’s the author of the darkly humorous essay collection From Kansas, Not Dorothy, and the

viral essay Gen X Will Not Go Quietly, as well as numerous human interest articles in regional

magazines. The Bug Diary is her first new adult novel.