Staying Close to Home

Staying Close to Home

Checking in with you again – the weeks are flying by!

Only a couple of things to report this week on the writing front but both are really good. First, I heard from Pat Campbell, Grass Roots Press publisher, and they’ve chosen a voice actress to narrate the Anna Sweet mysteries. All eight books in the series will be made into audiobooks with the project projected to wrap up by Christmas. Pat also told me that because of Covid, they’ve gone strictly ebooks for order on their website although the books are available in paperback from Amazon. Eventually, the audio book format will also be an option. I’m looking forward to hearing the books since a bit of time has gone by since I wrote them.

The other nice thing that happened this week was Jim Napier’s review of Closing Time, which he shared with me after posting. The review is in Ottawa Review of Books and a few other sites and is currently up on Goodreads. The closing paragraph of his review makes me want to keep writing 🙂

But all good things must come to an end. The seventh novel of the series, Closing Time is also the last in the series, and for Chapman’s devoted readers it will be a bittersweet experience, reading the final chapter in what has proved to be one of the strongest and most interesting crime series to emerge in years. A skilled storyteller, Closing Time is a finely-drawn story, Chapman writing with an assured hand, confident that she’s nailed her subject – and she has. Closing Time is an evocative and compelling work, and a fitting end to the series; and while I regret reading the last of Stonechild and Rouleau, I look forward to the next step in Chapman’s impressive literary journey. I’m certain it will be equally special. – Jim Napier

In addition to being a seasoned book reviewer, Jim is a crime fiction author in his own right. Here is a brief bio that he includes at the bottom of his review: Jim Napier is a novelist and crime-fiction reviewer based in Canada. Since 2005 his book reviews and author interviews have been featured in several Canadian newspapers and on multiple websites. His crime novel Legacy was published in April of 2017, and the second in the series, Ridley’s War, is scheduled for release in November of 2020. He can be reached at

So I did manage to get in a bit of writing but as happens with this Covid ‘lock down’, I struggled to stay on task. The odd week I will get restless and it happened this past week for no discernible reason except that the colder weather is coming and I’m outdoors less. No more garden work except to clean them up, and fewer outdoor visits with the neighbours. My walking mates and I didn’t even get in many walks although we plan to continue through the winter so this should help keep me sane. As of yesterday, our provincial government closed indoor dining, gyms and movie theatres in Ottawa, Peel and Toronto as we’re considered hot spots for Covid. We’ve also been told to limit Thanksgiving gatherings to household members and to stay home as much as possible. We seem to be moving backwards, but these are unusual times and I know we can buckle down and get this virus under control.

I’m not sure if I mentioned that I’ve taken on the role of Eastern Ontario/Ottawa Director for Crime Writers of Canada. I’m also on the marketing committee. This has meant lots of Zoom calls and a bit of work, but not overwhelmingly so. Everyone is so nice that it’s a pleasure to take part. Also nice to work on something new.

And that’s a wrap for this morning. Stay well my friends. Wear a mask. Social distance. Have a safe and delicious Thanksgiving that hopefully includes pie!