Springing Forward into Spring

Springing Forward into Spring

Good Saturday morning. Our clocks spring forward tonight so the change of seasons is underway. We had two 12 degree days this past week (before the snow yesterday) and we managed some outdoor social distancing with the neighbours. Things are looking up 🙂

So my Melissa Yi Youtube interview will be posted this coming Monday, and Wednesday I’ll be interviewing my next author Norm Boucher. Norm was a long-time RCMP officer working drugs and organized crime. He went undercover to infiltrate the heroin trade in 1983 in Vancouver and wrote a book about the experience. I’m looking forward to our chat. You can find all the interviews on the Crime Writers of Canada Youtube channel.

During this stay-at-home year, I’ve recently discovered the joy of webinars. I sat in on a Crime Writers of Canada presentation about taxes for authors on Tuesday and then a Capital Crime Writers talk with an expert about psychopathic killers. I have two slated for today: a presentation by my fellow 7 Criminal Minds blogger Catriona McPherson followed by a writing webinar about showing and not telling. Who says lockdown has to be boring?

I wrote 6,000 words this week. Not bad. I’m gunning for the ending and am almost there. Then the real work begins as I edit and try to pull the plot and details together. I’ve got some interesting main characters who could return in another instalment if this book comes together.

This week, I’m reading and enjoying Trigger Fish by Dietrich Kalteis. Dietrich lives on the West Coast and also blogs for 7 Criminal Minds. This book is a noir thriller and Dietrichs’s writing is stellar. He’s been compared to Elmore Leonard so not too shabby.

I’ve come up with another ad from this program I subscribed to, although I haven’t put a lot of time into figuring out how all aspects of the program work. One of these fine spring days …