Spring Days

Spring Days

Starting to feel as if we’re heading into some better weather although overall we’ve had a rainy, cool month of May. We’re all longing for a stretch of hotter weather … not sure what this summer has in store but fingers crossed.

On the 7 Criminal Minds blog, five authors this week were tasked with recommending books for that dad or husband on your Fathers Day list. The posts are all very different, but you might find some new books and authors to check out. Five different authors will be blogging with their choices in the upcoming week, so more recommendations to come.

My week alternated between writing work and gardening. Several trips to gardening centres and then planting what I bought kept me away from my computer, but I wrote in the evenings and met my word count goals. I also had a final review of the Too Close to Home Anna Sweet novella and we finalized a cover photo. And on Wednesday, I appeared on 1310 News The Power Lunch with host Mark Sutcliffe to talk about the news of the day. They’ve asked me back on Thursday this week so you can share part of your lunch hour with us if you have the time.

One week to the Ottawa launch of Turning Secrets! The band is ready to go and the food is ordered. Perfect Books will be on hand with books for sale. Ive heard from lots of people that they plan to attend so we should have a good party. My daughter Lisa will be making introductions and my friend Fred Taylor is returning to take photos so I’ll post some the following week. All systems ready to go.

I received several lovely emails from readers this week and reviews posted on social media. Many thanks to everyone for sharing your thoughts about the series. One more to come! It’s so satisfying to know that people are eager for the release of each book and connecting with my characters. I’ve felt the same about many series I’ve read over the years and know the same anticipation.

A short post this week. Time to get back into the garden before the rain moves in later today. Another changeable spring day in Ottawa.