Snow Days

Snow Days

Waiting for this morning’s coffee to finish brewing. Also for the snow to start falling later today. We’re supposed to get about 25 centimetres, but nothing like they had in Newfoundland yesterday. The entire island shut down with about 75 centimetres of the white stuff and 125 km winds. The storm of the century. January in Canada is a roller coaster.

I’m happy to report that I’ve settled back in to my orking routine and am now a bit over half-way through revising my latest manuscript. I’m working through the comments from two advance readers and have rewritten quite a bit, so far adding 3500 words. So not just revising but also writing. The characters are getting more well-rounded and the road to the crime reveal is becoming smoother — or at least, I think so! I figure I’ll be all done and ready to give it one more full read-through by the end of this week. Then … well, the road to finding an agent and publisher will begin…. and the waiting. But I’ll start a new project while I wait 🙂

We’re starting to gear up for the Closing Time release at the end of March. The book is mentioned this week in the highly anticipated list of spring books from The 49th Shelf, which is a Canadian site that keeps up to date on current Canadian books in all genres. A good resource for those who want to know the latest publications.

I’ve also seen the advance e-invite for the Ottawa launch on May 9th and should have it to send out by the end of January. I’m excited that the Granite Curling Club will be hosting the event since I’ve had so much support from my fellow curlers over the years. It’s a great venue for the band, especially since the curling season will have just ended. I lined up our club cook, Mike to make snacks that day and the bar will be stocked. My daughter Julia is going to make the introductions for this last launch. I’m hoping for a good kitchen-style party to see out the series.

If you’re a librarian going to the Ontario Library Association Super Conference this year in Toronto, on Friday, January 31, I’ll be signing copies of Turning Secrets at the Dundurn booth at 11 a.m. and will be pitching the same book at the Crime Writers of Canada event around 1:00 p.m. I hope to have a chance to meet you.

Well, time to get that cup of coffee and get this day started. It’ll be another good writing day with the snow keeping us close to home. Happy week, everyone.