Settling Into October

Settling Into October

Good Saturday morning.

It was a busy week. I got in a bit of writing but am taking my time writing the ending to the manuscript, doing a bit of research, pondering how to pull everything together. All this to say, I still have some work to do before the first draft is finished but I believe it’s heading in a good direction.

The new website construction has taken up a lot of time. I’ve been pulling more stuff together, tracking down reviews and photos, and writing the odd bit. The site isn’t ready yet so you’ll have to wait a little longer to give it a look although not much longer. Web designer Kim Hadley and I have a call scheduled for Monday to finalize the last details. You can have a look at the current site and compare the changes next week!

A few years ago, a book club invited me to visit one of their homes to discuss Cold Mourning. I hosted them on Thursday as they’ve now read the series and tell me they are my fan club:-) We had a great discussion about my books and other books since they are all avid readers. I have to say that meeting these lovely, interesting women has been one of the wonderful things about writing the books. They have already lined up a get together for next year to discuss Closing Time, which will be released in May 2020.

Lynn from the book club at the Turning Secrets launch

I was in my local Coles Carlingwood last week to buy a gift certificate and found my books above one of my favourite authors. Coles has Ann Cleeves latest The Long Call, which marks the beginning of her new series featuring British cop Michael Venn. I bought a copy and am looking forward to the read. The series has already been optioned for television.

So, another Saturday morning as we move deeper into October. Temperatures are dropping and we’ve had to turn on the furnace and haul out the warmer jackets. This is good weather for writing and I plan to do some this weekend. I also have to put the garden to bed – a task I do not look forward to, but one that I’ll be happy I did come spring. And the Canadian Thanksgiving is just around the corner, …. soon time to put on the winter tires. Yikes.