Settling In

Settling In

Good Saturday morning, everyone.

The week started with my post on 7 Criminal Minds blogspot bright and early Monday morning. My day is every other Monday and each of the 10 authors is responsible for coming up with a month’s worth of questions once a year or so. I’m finding it interesting to read what the other authors in my week have to say on the same issue after I get the ball rolling. Good to find out about their various opinions and experiences in the writing world. This week, we discuss whether plot or style is paramount in a novel.

On Wednesday, I was a guest on 1310 News The Power Lunch with host Mark Sutcliffe. The other guest this week was Alex Cullen who’s been involved in city and provincial politics. I’ve been invited every month for over a year to give my opinions on the news of the day. This is live radio and also broadcast on Rogers Cable 22 television at the same time so good experience getting comfortable in front of a mic and camera, and also at thinking on my feet and coming up with coherent thoughts (sometimes more successfully than others).

Ever since I was a kid living in an isolated town in Northern Ontario, I’ve always loved the radio. I used to have a little blue pocket transistor radio that I’d lie in bed at night in the dark listening to before I fell asleep. During the daytime, the radio only picked up a few local stations but at night if Lake Superior was calm, I’d get WLS Chicago, which at that time, played all the current rock and Motown hits. I’ve never been to Chicago and have this on my bucket list! Anyhow, my brother was in to taking things apart and seeing how mechanisms were put together and one day, he hooked my little radio up to a big battery and blew it up much to my dismay. He bought me a bigger radio for Christmas when he got older and had some money, but I sure missed my little blue radio.

Barbara Fradkin and I received an invitation from Capital Crime Writers to be their guest speakers at this year’s Christmas dinner on December 11th, so that event is on the horizon. I’ll also be with Barb at Chapters Barrhaven on Saturday, November 16th as part of a Mystery weekend. A number of local crime fiction authors will be taking shifts throughout the weekend so a good chance to pick up some Christmas presents.

The editing is picking up speed as I’ve added 4,000 words in my first manuscript rewrite and am not quite half way through. I’m at the stage where I alternate between love and hate with the story line and writing — I’m sure my fellow authors can relate.

So, got the winter tires on the car this week, raked leaves and tucked the flower posts away for the snow that seems to be on our doorstep. We’re buttoning up the house for the cold, dark months ahead and sad to see the end of this beautiful season. A few pics from a walk in my neighbourhood earlier in the week – a little bit of glorious.