Plans Underway

Plans Underway

And so February draws to an end.

I had a great writing week, closing in now on 30,000 words on the latest manuscript. The characters are starting to get interesting as I throw troubles and impediments their way. In When Last Seen, a teenage girl named Sara McGowan came to the fore, and this time, it’s a ten-year old boy named Jimmy whose story is getting interesting. I’m also developing the plotline of a new cop named Rosie Thorburn (a teaser for those of you who’ve read or plan to read When Last Seen):-) A note that you can pre-order the ebook now on Amazon.

As you may have guessed, I’m what is politely called in writer-land, a pantser, which means I make up most of the story as I go along. You’d be amazed at how many crime fiction writers fall into this category. I once took a poll and 4/5 authors were pantsers. This means lots of editing and rewriting, but that goes with the territory anyway.

I’ve also been working with Dundurn this week as they prepare to reissue the Stonechild and Rouleau series. Hard to believe Cold Mourning was released nine years ago. We’re doing some minor editing as there are errors in the books – what do you think of the new cover (on the right)? There are six more new covers to come and I’ll share them when I get the go-ahead. The talented Laura Boyle is the designer. She’s also designed the Hunter and Tate Mystery covers!


So into March, I have more marketing to do in advance of the April 1st When Last Seen release. I’ll be sending out more invitations to the launch and will be making a trip to Irene’s Pub on Bank to make sure all is set up for April 30th. Here is the invitation for you to save the date. All are welcome 🙂