Oh Canada!

Oh Canada!

To get this Canada Day weekend started, I’ll be at Perfect Books,¬†258 Elgin Street,¬†today (Saturday) between 1:00 and 3:00 p.m. so come on by if you’re downtown and stock up on some summer reading.

My plan this week had been to finish reviewing the edits for Closing Time from my Dundurn editor Shannon by Friday, and I was on schedule … and then the summer cold hit. And a nasty bug it is too. Oddly enough, Shannon in Toronto also had it and the cold delayed her edits by a few days. (Can a cold virus be sent electronically?) I also had to reschedule my appearance on The Power Lunch and will be on the show this coming Wednesday, July 3rd. Anyhow, I’m taking the long weekend to finish my edits but really don’t have too much left to do.

I also have to write a post for 7 Criminal Minds blog for Monday, Canada Day, so check in and see what I come up with. The question concerns my business skills so should be an imaginative answer since I’m sadly lacking in this department.

My last bit of news for the week is that R.J. Harlick and I are booked in for a joint signing at Chapters Kanata on Saturday, June 27 between 1l:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. We signed together once before and had a great time so looking forward to spending some time catching up.

When Ted’s and my daughters were younger, we headed up to Parliament Hill to watch the fireworks a few times but now I’m content to watch the festivities on tv, get together with a few friends and have a barbecue, drink wine and eat strawberry shortcake – I go berry picking in the morning. Very Canadiana! We’re supposed to have a hot sunny day this year so should be a great way to celebrate our country’s birthday.

Have a great weekend, everyone and a special Happy Canada Day to all my Canadian peeps near and far.