November Blows in Like a Lion

November Blows in Like a Lion

The first Saturday in November and a blustery few days it has been to see out one month and welcome in the next. The horror movie description of wind howling around the house and rattling the windows certainly fit yesterday. Record amount of rain on Halloween and snow flurries in the seven-day forecast so getting the snow tires on my car last week was not as premature as I thought.

I’ve been working away at my latest manuscript and am now two-thirds of the way through the first edit with nearly 6,000 words added. I’m liking the story/plotline  better this week than last week although I still think the entire work needs pulling together. As a writer of crime fiction, I’m starting from a basically unrealistic premise – murderer on the loose with bodies strewn in their wake – but the characters still have to behave in logical ways with clear motivations. The details have to make sense, even down to street directions and timing between two locations. This is a big challenge, particularly with the constant worry in the back of a writer’s mind that the entire book that could fall flat.

Also this past week, I received an invitation to be back on 1310 News The Power Lunch on Wednesday, which happened to be my birthday. The other guest was David Thompson and this was our second time together as guests on the show. David was once mayor in Deep River, retired now from the business world, and now works as a stand up comic and also acts in the murder mystery theatre every Saturday night at The Prescott. In fact, he was on his way for two weeks in Vegas to do stand up at a number of venues set up by his agent. Anyhow, very nice guy and we had a lot of fun on the show. I’ve met many interesting people since I started being a guest over a year ago – one of the best things about being a guest.

So news on the book launch front for Closing Time, book seven and last in the Stonechild and Rouleau series. I believe I’ve got a venue for the Ottawa event and am pleased to say that the band that played at the last two launches is keen to return. I’ll update you as date, time and location are nailed down. The book has had a couple of advance reviews. Ottawa author Barbara Fradkin says of Turning Secrets: “Complex and filled with menace, Brenda Chapman’s tale of sex, lies and betrayal will keep you up at night.

Frank Zafiro, former cop and American crime fiction writer writes: “This final installment of the Stonechild and Rouleau series is a slow burn mystery that expertly weaves together several viewpoints in a way that will thoroughly engage your mind as you read, and permeate your thoughts while you’re away from the book. The sense of place and Canadian (specifically Ontario) culture is palpable, and the characters only add to that immersive experience. The tension ratchets up one slow tick at a time until the resolution springs in a satisfying conclusion. Though Closing Time was my first read of this series, the bittersweet nature of the ending still rang true, and will send me back to the beginning for more.”

So I’m pretty pumped to have you read this final instalment!

Have a great week everyone and don’t forget to set your clocks back an hour tonight for those impacted by Daylight Savings Time.