New Launch Date and Location!

New Launch Date and Location!

Well a lot can change in a week! I had to cancel the book launch at the Granite, which I’d begun to advertise, because the club became unavailable. I was offered Easter weekend but the band couldn’t make it, so I decided to try a different venue. I’ve happily landed on Irene’s Pub on Bank Street, but had to pick a Sunday instead of Saturday. The new date is Sunday, April 30, but at the same time: 2:00 to 5:00 p.m. The Haughian Brothers Band and Perfect Books are lined up so it should be a good party. I hope everyone can make the new date and location. I’ll be getting started on publicity soon, so save the new date!

I got some writing on my latest manuscript done this week and lined up a few publicity items for the When Last Seen launch. Rescheduling the launch also took up some time. The audiobook also progresses and Heather Williams is currently recording the last ten chapters. It should be all set for release at the same time as the paperback and ebook versions on April 1st.

The advance When Last Seen reviews on NetGalley continue to be great. Here are a few more comments:

If you want a book where you will never see the ending coming, this is the one! An cleverly written thriller, it’s got so many original characters who are so realistically crafted. There are twists and turns galore. 

This story easily pulled me in and I finished the book pretty quick – you just wanted to find out what who why when and where. Highly recommend this mystery/thriller.

When Last seen is a riveting tale of a missing child, family jealousy, mysterious business dealings, and the deepest sort of betrayal. Not to mention twisty plotlines!

So, we’re into a couple of very cold days here in Ottawa, hitting around -40 C with the wind chills. I’ve spent the last few days in a Heart and Stroke fundraiser curling bonspiel because what else does one do when it gets this cold but spend some time on ice throwing stones at different clubs across the city. We’ve managed to win our first three games and so are back out there again today. I hope you’re able to stay inside with a good book and cup of tea. This sounds like a much better plan for the day 🙂