My Video Project – Keeping Busy in November

My Video Project – Keeping Busy in November

Good Saturday morning! Are you finding these weeks speeding by as I am? I only seem to get half the things accomplished in a day that I set out to do. I swear the gods are toying with us.

One thing I did get fully underway is the video interview project of authors in the Ottawa/Eastern Ontario region. I’m the Crime Writers of Canada Director this year for this part of the country. With Covid, there hasn’t been much we can do to promote our work so I came up with the idea to interview authors from my region and post on the CWC Youtube site. You can check out my Vicki Delany interview here. You really should subscribe the CWC channel as there will be a number of interviews introducing authors over the next few month, including Vicki interviewing me – this one will be up on this coming Thursday. Comments and likes are welcome for all the videos. I have about five more authors lined up to interview and look forward to chatting with them about their writing and their lives. Turning out to be great fun and I hope you have a chance to check them out.

Best-selling author Vicki Delany

With Vicki and Barb Fradkin at the Vancouver waterfront – Bouchercon Conference

I realized that I had some past videos on Youtube but didn’t have my own channel. I contacted Pat Walton, who made the videos, and he set me up with a channel and transferred the videos over. If you have a chance, please subscribe to my channel as well and watch some blasts from the past. It’ll be the spot I post any of my own videos in the future, including the interview this Thursday.

This was one of those weeks when I had trouble getting down to writing. It all started because I’d written a page on my laptop and fiddled with the editing and wording for a few hours, but when I returned to continue on with the story, I couldn’t find the page. I searched documents for quite a while before reluctantly attempting to reproduce the work. Of course, after I finally buckled down and got some of it rewritten, that’s when I opened something by chance and found my original work. Sure doesn’t take much to knock me off my game these days. There’s always next week …

I’ll let this coming Thursday’s interview fill you in on what I’m up to – you also might find out something even my daughters don’t know about my past. (I’m sure this will have them nervous:-)

Take good care, everyone. Enjoy the end of November.