Marching On

Marching On

Well, a more promising week as a fourth vaccine is approved and we’re told the vaccination schedule is moving up. The hope now is that we’ll have our first dose by the start of summer. My fingers and toes are crossed.

I had a good interview with Melissa Yi yesterday morning. Melissa writes in many genres and has a medical mystery series, which makes sense since she’s also an emergency room physician working near Cornwall, Ontario. This is the tenth in the Crime Writers of Canada Youtube series introducing authors from this region. I have three more authors lined up and we’re posting every other Monday. Melissa’s should be up this week.

I’m just over 76,000 words now on my latest manuscript and writing the climax and final chapters. I should get those written this week and then will start the editing process. Lots of work yet to do. Thanks to another reader in Toronto for sending along this photo with the caption, “Cold Morning – Set at Christmas in Ottawa it’s perfect for a chilly winter read.”

All of your photos and comments are keeping my spirits up!

I’ve been reading. At the start of the week, I finished Pretty Little Wife by Darby Kane. It’s considered a thriller and has some great reviews on Goodreads. For me, the book fell flat, perhaps because of the odd shifts in time throughout the book, but more likely because I never warmed up to the main character. The ending didn’t make a ton of sense to me either. However, this is only my opinion and others love the book. I’d be interested to hear other points of view. I’m currently reading Trevor Noah’s Born a Crime. He writes about growing up poor in South Africa during apartheid, and while he infuses his tales with humour, there’s a lot of hardship too. It’s amazing the success Trevor made of his life against all odds. A good read that really gives insight into life in South Africa not that many years ago.

I joined Sisters in Crime last week. This is an international crime-writers organization that offers support and education to mainly female crime writers. I also belong to three other writing organizations and all have some interesting webinars coming up in March. Since I’m stuck at home, I’ve signed up for all of them. The beauty is that I don’t have to leave the comfort of my easy chair to access some great information. The first webinar is this afternoon.

This past Monday was also my day to post on 7 Criminal Minds blogspot. The topic was to talk about anything positive coming out of the pandemic that I might continue doing when it’s over. This was also a sad week for us at the blog as one of our authors Paul D. Marks died after a battle with cancer. We all contributed to a tribute Friday.

And that’s it for this week. I hope you are all managing to stay well and active. It’s so great to see the sun and next week we’re predicted a few warmer days. Spring is in the air ….