Making it Through January

Making it Through January

Another grey morning in Ottawa. We’ve had our share of wet, sloppy weather throughout December and into January, but snow is promised, and maybe we’ll get lucky one of these days and the sun will break through the cloud cover. Hope springs…

Sort of feels as if we’re In Winter’s Grip 🙂

I’ve worked daily on book stuff all week, completing about the tenth edit of Fatal Harvest. It should be up on Amazon for preorder by this time next week with a release date of April 15. I spent an hour or so every day as well on bookkeeping and paying annual fees to organizations to which I belong. There is still a lot left to do, but I’m planning to plug away and not get overwhelmed.

This coming week, I’ll be guest author at two book clubs (first is actually a sorority chapter) at opposite ends of the city. Let’s hope that snow forecast holds off on these days, but the second event is predicted to be smack in the middle of a freezing rain afternoon, which is unusual for early January. Should make for an exciting trek out Manotick way.

So this has been a rather quiet start to the new year, but a busy week ahead. I haven’t gotten back to writing my latest manuscript and hope to soon. I’ll have to reread and refresh before I get back into it and want a block of time to do this. I’m rather keen to delve back in.

Wishing everyone a good week. Stay warm and dry, forget this bleak weather, and curl up with a good book and a cup of tea.