Lots on the Go

Lots on the Go

It’s been a busy week. I recorded another Zoom interview on Wednesday morning, this week with Ottawa author Madona Skaff. Her interview will be posted no the Crime Writers of Canada Youtube site this coming Thursday. You can watch my interview with Barry Finlay, which was posted this past Thursday. Both interesting people who were great to chat with. This coming week, I’ll be interviewing Barbara Fradkin but hers will be posted in January. I’m enjoying finding out about their books and their backgrounds.  Give a watch if you get the chance.

Wednesday, I was invited back on 1310 News The Power Lunch with guest host Rob Snow. I’m able to do it from my home, unlike the first few years when I drove in to the radio station. They used to broadcast live simultaneously on the radio and Rogers Cable 22 so a great training ground. The topics this week included would I take the vaccine if it was offered tomorrow (yes if Health Canada and FDA approved) and should smaller retail stores be allowed to open even in Covid hotspots (yes if done safely). I see the radio station has changed names to City News Ottawa and is also now on FM as well as AM.

At the studio with host Mark Sutcliffe a few summers ago.

I’ve also been booked this week on another radio show December 15 and a podcast in January. The end of this year is turning into a plethora of media!

I also heard from Grass Roots Press. They are currently making the Anna sweet series into audio books and the publisher Pat Campbell sent five musical intros and closings for me to listen to and to select the one I like best. Any one of them would do fine, but I managed to pick one that seems distinctive. I think this means they are close to finishing up the recordings. I’m really looking forward to hearing the final products.

On the writing front, I plugged away at  my latest manuscript but hit a thinking spot in the plot. I’m letting things percolate before settling down for the final push. I like my main characters and wouldn’t mind continuing their story in a second book and hope a publisher will agree 🙂

Less than three weeks until Christmas. I’ve got my cards mailed and Ted put up our outside lights today. It’s strange not having any parties or get-togethers or even shopping in the malls. I plan any shopping carefully and spend as little time as possible in the stores. I have a couple of places I need to go and then food shopping, but I’m doing as little as possible. Such a strange year, my friends. Dr. Fauci says we’re almost at the finish line if we can keep our guard up over the next months until the vaccine is available. Now that will be the best Christmas gift  ….