Lining up Some Ducks

Lining up Some Ducks

The launch day for Closing Time is getting close! Elham, my publicist, and I have started weekly calls and she tells me that my copies are on their way. It’s always a thrill to hold that new book for the first time. My Ottawa launch is scheduled for May 9 between 2:00 and 4:00 p.m. at the Granite Curling Club and all are welcome. The following Saturday, May 16 between 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. I’ll be signing at Coles Carlingwood for anyone who can’t make the launch.

This week, I was invited to speak at the library in Trenton in May so this is in the works. I’ll also be speaking at Arts Night at the Unitarian Church at the end of March. Getting busier.

I received another request to appear on 1310 News radio The Power Lunch this past Tuesday with host Rob Snow. Instead of going in to the studio, it’s now a phone-in piece and dropped from half an hour to fifteen minutes. It was live this week but feels easier somehow to be calling in instead of being filmed live for tv as well as radio as in the past.

It was also my Monday to post on 7 Criminal Minds blogspot where we celebrated Black History Month all month. This week, we recommended a black author and you can find out my choice. Since I wrote the post, I’ve completed Talking to Strangers and recommend it for a thoughtful read. My fellow bloggers also have some good recommendations.

I’m still working on the synopsis for the manuscript I’ve just completed and tinkered a bit with the opening chapter of another book. I’m still not certain if I’ll be continuing with this one as I’m running other ideas around in my head. I’m taking a bit of a mental health break it feels like, re-energizing before I settle in to the next project. I’m also watching a lot of curling as my daughter curls in the national Scotties. Team Homan has made the final four and playoffs start today so I won’t be getting much writing in this weekend!

Last week of February coming up. My second least-favourite month is wrapping up for another year. Spring is around the corner as the days are getting longer and the light more golden in the early evenings. The Lee Valley catalogue came in the mail this week and has me thinking about the garden and planting season. We lost two balsams in our front yard recently, one replaced by a crab apple (planted by the City) and space for two more trees. We’re thinking of Japanese maples so time to start researching.