Keeping Things Going into December

Keeping Things Going into December

Three weeks until Christmas. Note to self. Be more organized next year. (I write this same note every December 1st.) And yet, I’m getting to a point in my life when rolling with whatever comes seems the best path forward.

So here is a sweet gift from one of my fellow authors on 7 Criminal Minds blogspot. A huge thanks to Gabriel Valjan for capturing all 24 of my books in one place – in case you wonder what I’ve been up to the last 25 years.

Today is the Maple Leaf Mystery Conference and I’m on the police procedural panel at noon. I’ll be tuning in to watch most of the day, while also keeping my eye on my daughter Lisa’s curling games in Winnipeg and my husband Ted’s U18 girls’ team (he’s coach) playing at the Ottawa Hunt Club in a curling provincial qualifier. This promises to be a most interesting day 🙂

I’ve had a surprisingly busy week on the writing front. Dundurn is in the process of having the last five Stonechild books made into audiobooks and will also be reissuing the series with new covers — all this with a March target. We’re trying to get rid of the pesky errors in the books this time around, so this takes some time. I saw the cover concept and it updates the look for sure. The top row of books in the poster above will become collectors’ items!

Work also progresses on making When Last Seen into an audiobook, and its release is scheduled for April 1st. I review each chapter once recorded and there can be a bit of back and forth. In addition, I got in a bit of writing on book three this week and think I’ve worked out a big plot issue. Amazing what comes to you at 3 a.m.

Finally, this week, I completed my speech/talk for the Capital Crime Writer dinner on December 14th where I’m to be the guest speaker. That’ll be the the last big event of the year before I take a break from the publicity duties and settle in with a glass of eggnog, a plate of shortbread, and a Hallmark movie … well, maybe a murder mystery. Seen one Hallmark Christmas movie, seem ’em all.

I also made it to Mary Jane Maffini’s launch of her latest Camilla McPhee novel, You Light Up My Death, at Perfect Books on Elgin. Lots of her fans came out to buy a book and to help her celebrate. We have a most supportive reading and writing community in Ottawa.

So, circling back, three weeks until Christmas Day. Time to get shopping for that perfect gift, people. Many of those can be found in independent bookshops … just saying 🙂