Keeping On Keeping On

Keeping On Keeping On

It’s hard to believe how the world has changed in just a few short weeks. Countries are shutting down as governments work to contain Covid-19 and the impacts are stunning. One of the most impressive things about people’s support for all the sacrifices being made is that we are caring about each other, worried about our most vulnerable, and doing all we can to protect them from this illness. I am so impressed and thankful for our medical community, who are selflessly working the front lines. Long hours, risk, time away from their own families – they have our backs and we are in their debt.

This virus has had an impact on the publishing world as well as most other professions. While you might not wish to go into a bookstore, and the libraries are closing down for a period of time, you can always support writers and everyone in the supply chain by ordering books online. As we stay closer to home and some self-quarantine, reading is a terrific way to pass the time and get your mind off all that is going on.

I’ve got a few events lined up, although most are toward May, so I’m hoping the worst of the pandemic will have passed by then. I’m still planning to go ahead with the Ottawa launch of Closing Time on May 9, but you can always check the front page of my website for any updates. This Friday, I’m booked on Rogers Cable 22 Daytime Ottawa with host Dylan Black to chat about the new book and the end of the series and expect this to go ahead but I’ll let you know if it doesn’t.

As I stick closer to home, I’ve begun working on a new manuscript (lots of thinking time) and will see how this goes. I’ve also been reading a few novels and just completed Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng (very good) and am about to start Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale. Hard to believe I’ve never read this classic! My book club will be reading her latest next month so I’m getting up to speed. I recently reread The Edible Woman and was once again impressed by Atwood’s writing and keen observations.

We bought new bedside tables this past week. I was using an old (crappy) chest of drawers that had travelled around with me from my first apartment in Ottawa before I had any real money to spend on furniture. This was where I stuffed all my mementos over the past years, which I’ve been sorting through as I make the transition. I saved all the cards my daughters made for me when they were young and have pulled out pages of my writing from days past. It was a bit of a surprise to realize how long I’ve been writing and the stories I recorded about my daughters’ childhood. I’ve been having a nostalgic and lovely trip down memory lane.

Take good care, everyone, and have a good week that includes time spent reading! Support your favourite and new authors and bookstores, and help to ensure that the publishing industry continues long after our lives are back to normal.