January Morning Coming Down

January Morning Coming Down

Good Saturday morning. Not a lot to report on the writing front this week.

My 7 Criminal Minds Monday blog post about New Year’s resolutions can be found here. All my fellow bloggers have interesting takes on the question for your reading pleasure.

I was also asked to be on 1310 News The Power Lunch this past Tuesday. Mark Sutcliffe is now taping the show from home so the interview was by phone – much easier for me than driving out to the radio station as in the past. No need to fix my hair or put on make up … or get out of my pyjamas for that matter. Mark has dropped from a four-hour show to a one-hour show (his choice) so The Power Lunch is shorter too.

And I got back into the working rhythm, getting in about five hours of editing each day for the first part of the week. A second reader has sent in her comments for the manuscript I’m working on so I have lots of work ahead going through all the suggestions and revising. I see lots of detail work ahead through January and February.

And we’ve got another weather watch going on in the Ottawa Valley. Freezing rain and ice pellets all day today into tomorrow. Pouring rain at the moment. It’s been an odd winter so far with temperatures see-sawing between frigid and unusually mild. We keep preparing ourselves for power outages, but so far so good. I’m willing to bet we haven’t had more than a few hours of sunshine these last several days. A bit of a downer really, but helpful to get in the writing mood.

One bright spot last week was a trip to the Chateau Laurier for afternoon tea with my daughters Lisa and Julia. This was a birthday gift from me for last year so took a while to get a date when we were all in town and free. A lovely way to spend a January afternoon.