It’s Time to Give Thanks

It’s Time to Give Thanks

Thanksgiving weekend in Canada. The time for get-togethers with family and friends over plates of turkey and pumpkin pie. The leaves are turning making this one of the most gorgeous times of year.

I’m pleased to share my brandy-dandy new website ( ) with you this week and have the creative Kim Hadley to thank. We worked together over the past two weeks as I submitted material and Kim organized my ideas into a coherent site. I believe the layout is easy to negotiate and attractive and the first feedback from friends confirms this. Please let me know your thoughts, or if you discover a flaw, and share with family and friends or anyone interested in crime fiction.

The new website has also meant changes to my blog which is now incorporated into the website. This means some changes to the format inherent in the program and I’m tinkering a bit as I try to figure things out. The look is different too but change can be a good thing.

I’ve also managed to complete the first draft of my latest manuscript and started back at chapter one rewriting. This is going to take some work I think! I figure I have at least a couple of months of editing and rewriting ahead before I run the story past some friends who’ve agreed to review it.

A few more revisions to Closing Time came my way this week – the manuscript is like a boomerang that keeps coming back – but I’m pleased with the care my Dundurn editors are taking to get every word right. The expected date of arrival in stores is May 2020. I also completed a pre-publication grid with ideas for reviewers, media and such. If you are a blog reviewer, the book should be posted on Net Galley in a few months. Media reviewers can also contact me for an advance copy. Simply fill in the form on my new website or contact Dundurn directly.

So this year, Ted and I have been invited to two Thanksgiving dinners, happily on different days, and I won’t be cooking my usual turkey or hosting a meal. While I like the smell of turkey roasting and enjoy baking pies, I’m happy this year for a break and am looking forward to getting together with friends and family in their homes. I’m left with more time to clean out the garden and to go for walks and enjoy this beautiful season.

I hope that you also have a wonderful weekend!