Heating It Up in November

Heating It Up in November

Well this has been an exciting week if you’re following American politics … and if you’re not, then you don’t live on this planet. In Canada, we pretty much know the results of our federal elections within a few hours, if not minutes, of the polls closing. The U.S. election is like a thriller movie that has us biting our nails and on an emotional rollercoaster, depending on whom we want to win. My only hope in all this is that the American people will come together under Biden to heal (if his lead holds), progress and deal with Covid, the environment, and the distribution of wealth. I’m also pumped to see a black woman finally break through the glass ceiling and become second in command. It’s long, long overdue.

Well, this week, I finished my note-taking and edits for my latest manuscript and even got in some fresh writing. I woke up the other morning dreaming about the plot with revelations about the ending. Quickly jotted down the ideas to let them sit for a while in order to see if they make sense. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been having wild dreams since the start of this pandemic. In the spring, I was dreaming about Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Those were the days he was on tv every day giving a Covid pep talk/update and I guess he got in my head. One dream, I was going with him to the store to buy socks because his were soaking wet. Another dream, I was doing the backstroke in a swimming pool and he and Sophie walked by hand and hand on the deck. Justin was smoking a cigarette. My dreams have evolved but are still mighty odd and vivid. The brain is a magical piece of work.

So not a great deal more to report this week. I’ve been reading Bear Town by Fredrik Backman and finding it enjoyable. I’m thinking it’s time to put in a book order from my local bookstore — remember to support them during this difficult time. I’ve received a few emails about pronunciation of names in my Anna Sweet books as they’re currently being made into audio books. I can’t wait to hear the final product. I also received an email through my website from a woman who listened to Cold Mourning and Butterfly Kills on audiotape, and she was looking for the rest of the Stonechild and Rouleau series on tape. Unfortunately, only the first two were recorded, but it was good to hear that she liked the books in this format.

So more writing this week and a couple of Crime Writers of Canada Zoom call meetings. My Wednesday night curling is back on this week too so I even have a night out to look forward to. We’re having an unusually warm, sunny week for November as well — our spirits are boosted as we settle in to the eighth month of Covid limitations.

Take care my friends. Until next week …