Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter weekend! We’re having a pretty nice spring all in all as Ottawa settles back into lockdown as of Friday midnight. Luckily, the snow is gone and the temperatures are warm enough that we can spend lots of time outdoors. Now, if we could just get that vaccine …

I spent a good deal of time this week completing the first edit of my manuscript, which is clocking in at 88,500 words. This is a good number for a murder mystery. I ran off the entire manuscript yesterday and will go through one last edit before sending it out to some readers for their input.

This past Monday, my Crime Writers of Canada interview with author and retired RCMP officer Norm Boucher was posted. on Youtube. Norm wrote a book about his time working undercover to infiltrate the heroin trade on the Granville Strip in Vancouver in 1983. I also interviewed Jim Napier this week and his video will be posted April 5th.

I also wrote a blog post for 7 Criminal Minds on the subject of publishing options. We’re in the middle of a changing industry so it’s good to take stock. I found all of the posts this week insightful. A topic of interest to every author.

So, another week nearly over. Are you finding time elastic as the pandemic starts year two? I often forget what day it is although more and more it feels like Friday. I’m not sure why except that Friday is usually the happiest day of the week. Never a bad thing to aim for happy.