Good News All Around

Good News All Around

These Saturdays are rolling around much too quickly! Luckily, I have some news to share this week 🙂

First, I want to mom-brag a bit about my daughter Lisa Weagle, who is now Chef de Mission for the Canadian youth Olympic team in 2024, the games happening in South Korea. Lisa wrote an article as part of the announcement, which took place in Calgary on Wednesday. In addition to all her accomplishments on the ice, it’s wonderful to see her giving back in this leadership and mentoring role.

I can also share that I’ve been booked for an interview on Cable 22 Daytime Ottawa for Tuesday, April 4, with host Derick Fage, who is also an avid curler I might add. I look forward to chatting with him about books and my new release.

Writing didn’t go as well as I would have liked this week, but I still managed a few thousand words. It’s so easy to get distracted with all the other tasks and the marketing in preparation for When Last Seen‘s release, now less than a month away. I continue to be so grateful for all the support from friends, family, the writing community and my home city, Ottawa.

Heather Williams and I worked on the audiobook again this week and have two chapters left to go before it can be uploaded to the distributor. We’re on track to have the ebook, paperback and audiobook all released on April 1st!

Finally, I’ve spent part of this week reviewing the slightly revised galleys for Butterfly Kills, which I now hear will be released in October with a new cover — a cover I can now share with you this morning! So original cover on the left and new one on the right. A little more ominous, I’d say! Rereading the book after eight years was heart-warming, not a word of a lie. It was like rediscovering an old friend and finding they’d aged well. The suspense held up and I love the characters … well some of the characters. The sociopaths not so much. The Dundurn project manager/editor told me that she loved how the plot lines all came together, and I shared that I hadn’t known until the end how that was going to happen. I really had the ‘ah-ha moment’ while writing that book.