Getting Into November

Getting Into November

This apparently is the last above-temperature day for the foreseeable future. I’m kind of sad about that, but it is time for winter weather to start gracing our region. Also time to pull out the weighted blanket and parkas …

The big event this past week was having Erik D’Souza interview me about my story “The Final Hit” in the Crime Writers of Canada anthology Cold Canadian Crime to mark their 40th anniversary. You can check out this 10 minute interview through this link. (Erik speaks about interviewing me on Tuesday next week, but this is for members of Crime Writers of Canada only.)

In the video, I mention several of my fellow writers from this region who will be taking part in the Maple Leaf Mystery Conference on Saturday, December 3, but I forgot to name Mike Martin, a local writer and founder of the conference. I tip my hat to Mike and all his work for the crime-writing community. He’s also one nice guy with a very popular cosy  series that you can check out. You can still sign up for this virtual, one-day conference for a $20 fee at:

I had some lovely emails from readers this week, including a request to virtually attend a book club in early December from the Canadian Federation of University Women Perth & Area. They’re reading Cold Mourning so should be a fun chat. If you are part of a book club and would like me to drop in, just send along an email to me through the contact page on my website.

The work progresses on the book narrations for the Stonechild series and When Last Seen in the Hunter and Tate mysteries. I continue to revise and edit When Last Seen but think I’m going to have to put it aside for awhile or go into therapy. How do you spell obsessed? Being a perfectionist is a double-edged sword in this business.

I completed and submitted my five recommendations in response to a request and this will be posted on the site in a month or so. I’ll provide the link once I have it. My next tasks are to complete my ‘speech’ for the Capital Crime Writers Christmas dinner, and restart working on my latest manuscript. I’m making notes about the first chapters and will resume this review before I begin writing again.

It’s a grey, rainy day and feels like an optimal morning to snuggle in with a cup of coffee and a good book. I wish you a fine weekend and good week ahead as we move into the last half of November.