Finding a Routine

Finding a Routine

Good Saturday, everyone! This is a marvellous day to stay indoors if you live in one of the outrageous weather locations of the world. Ottawa has virtually no snow (and believe me this is highly unusual for us this time of year), and we have a rainfall warning for today, turning into snow tomorrow. Ahhh, Canada.

Another great writing week, the latest manuscript now clocking in at 31,000 words. I’ve kept up my daily minimum of 500 words and usually reached closer to 1,000. I’ve been purposefully cutting out distractions from my day (sorry housework) although still trying to keep my New Year’s resolution to have at least 30 minutes of concentrated exercise in my day. Some days, it’s just a walk, but I’m sticking with it.

This was my Monday to blog for 7 Criminal Minds and the question concerned creating mood through setting. You can read my thoughts and those of my fellow bloggers here.

A while back, I was approached by a woman who manages a charity called Blues for Youth, supporting youth mental health at the Ottawa Mental Health Centre. She asked if they could raffle off a book club visit and book to raise money for the cause, and I said I’d love to. Well, the winning book club is meeting tomorrow for brunch at a restaurant I’ve never been to, and I’m the guest author – I’m looking forward to meeting everyone and will have a recap next week.

No more book news to report. I’ll be back at the keyboard, working to get in at least 500 words a day, so check in next Saturday to find out my progress. This also feels like a good day to¬† curl up with a cup of coffee and a good book and let the day slip away.