February Catch Up

February Catch Up

Another week. Another week hanging out at home.

So I put out a call on Facebook for photos of one of my books in an interesting location with your thoughts summed up in a line or your favourite line from the book. Last week, Grace Johnston from Brockville sent along the photo and this week it is Dawn R. from Toronto. How cool is this picture taken in her window? Dawn’s caption is: “Set in at a northern Ontario resort. Dreaming of summer reading.”

Well, I’ve been reading this week and just finished The Push by Ashley Audrain. I’m conflicted. The writing was good and the story drew me in, no question. But as a mom, I found the subject matter very difficult. Definitely a book that haunts you long after finishing. I have two more books in the queue from my latest order:

A couple of things this week. Here’s the link to the podcast interview with Joanna Vandervlgt on JCVArtStudio The Dressing Room. Our discussion is quite wide-ranging. Joanna even asked about the poetry in Closing Time. I also posted in 7 Criminal Minds blogspot on Monday. The question was about book conferences and I included several photos from past events.

I’ve continued to plug away on my latest manuscript. I’m still going over what I’ve already written and am trying to pull it together before writing the last 20,000 words. I know where I want to steer the story and am at that point where I’m not sure if I can pull it off – this is similar to every other manuscript around this point. You think I’d be used to it! I’m hoping to get more actual writing in this week.

Well we’re moving into a cold February stretch, but the light is changing in the afternoons with longer days and a feeling of spring in some of the warmer days this past week.  We’re almost through the worst of winter and will soon be able to visit with people outdoors again. The vaccine shipments to Canada have slowed as we await our turn for the shot. Hopefully, spring will find us in a better place.

Have a good week, my friends. Stay home and stay safe.