Enjoying a Busy October

Enjoying a Busy October

And we’ve got a gorgeous end-of-autumn weekend happening in the Ottawa Valley. I’ve already put my garden to sleep for the winter so nothing to do but enjoy the outdoors for the next few days.

A couple of things this week. I spent quite a bit of time writing on book three in the Hunter and Tate series, hitting the 10,000 word mark. I’m feeling my way with this one, but believe I have a good scenario set up in the opening pages. The audiobook for book two, When Last Seen, also moved along this week as Heather Williams is now recording chapter five. Our process involves me reviewing each chapter as she completes it, making suggestions, Heather re-recording bits until we’re both satisfied. This moves to be quite time-consuming for both of us! Fun too though 🙂 Here is the cover design by Laura Boyle for the audiobook.

Last evening, a friend and I went downtown to the Ottawa International Writers Festival to see Adrian McKinty and Joy Fielding. I’d been guest author with Joy at the Women Killing It festival in Picton a few years back, and really enjoyed our time together. Joy writes terrific, psychological suspense that always tops the best-seller list in Canada and the U.S.

I’ve been a huge fan of Adrian McKinty since Jim at Perfect Books recommended his first Sean Duffy book set in Belfast during ‘The Troubles’. I became hooked and bought every book in the series. Adrian said there will be three more Sean Duffy books, so I’m thrilled about that. Adrian hit best-seller status with his standalone thriller The Chain and his latest (also a best-seller) is The Island. Adrian tells great stories and I get the feeling he’d be a fun companion for an evening in the pub 🙂

On Wednesday evening, I made my way to the Ottawa Police Services on Elgin to take a tour with about 10 Capital Crime Writers, our local crime-writing organization. I’d long wanted to see inside this building, and while we only saw the lobby and parts of the basement, our police guide answered a lot of my questions. We saw where people who were being arrested were brought into the station with an explanation of the arrest process. Interestingly, the police do all they can not to put someone in a cell, and the arresting officer has to present a good case as to why the person shouldn’t be let go with instructions to appear in court.

We also had a presentation by one of the Tactical Unit. He showed us the equipment and van and explained their role, which includes serving every warrant. The vest alone that they wear weighs 65 pounds. The unit is divided into three sections: explosives, rappelling (rope rescues) and sniper. Again, they are trained to diffuse situations and to use all non-lethal options first in confrontational situations. I was impressed by his compassion as well as dedication to serving in a difficult and dangerous job.

I’ve been invited to do a virtual meet and greet in November for the members of Crime Writers of Canada. I’m following best-selling author Louise Penny, who was the October guest. Peter Robinson was to wrap up the series in December, and we’re still devastated by his passing earlier this month. It is quite an honour to be included in one of these chats, which are part of the CWC’s 40th anniversary celebrations.

So I’ll end this post with a few pics taken on a walk a few days ago in Hampton Park woods, not far from our house. We are fortunate to have this beautiful forest in the middle of our city. Today’s shaping up to be another good day to take a walk through Mother Nature!