Early May Days

Early May Days

So, this arrived on Monday.

New book day! Always a thrill to hold that book in my hands for the first time. The book is due on the shelves May 10 but I suspect it might already be available from the online stores. Strangely enough, Dundurn started working on the seventh this week, which is called Closing Time. It will be the last in the series. I’ll be working with editor Shannon Whibbs once again (yay!) and she’s started the first round of edits this weekend. I also spent three days this week working on a detailed outline of the plot for marketing.  And so it begins …

I completed the chapter questions for Grass Roots Press early in the week and that ends my work on the Anna Sweet mystery series. I’ve been writing these novellas over the last eight years so it’s somewhat bittersweet to have the books draw to a close. The last two will be out this fall and their titles are Killer Heat and Too Close to Home.

I’m going to speak to a ladies’ morning coffee group on Tuesday morning at St. Luke’s Church. I’m told to expect twenty to thirty people who are interested in hearing about my writing and books. I’ll need to spend a bit of time this weekend outlining what I’m going to say. I also want to get back writing – I put my latest manuscript on hold this week while I worked on the other tasks.

Also got invited back on 1310 News and The Power Lunch and my day is May 22 from noon to 12:30 I’m beginning to think I’m a regular 🙂 You might have noticed if you’ve followed my blog for a while that I steer away from politics, religion, anything controversial … the same goes for my social media. The Power Lunch is the one public forum where I give my opinion on the news of the day.

Well, we’re finally getting a nice weekend with sun and predicted temps between seventeen and twenty degrees. Hopefully all the flood waters around the city and region will start to recede and people can soon get their lives back to normal. A lot of people have been under so much stress trying to save their homes.

Have a good week, everyone.