Chilling in October

Chilling in October

Is it me or are these weeks zipping by faster and faster? It seems like I just get started on the day and it’s time to make supper. Slow it down, Father Time.

This was a good writing week. I spent a couple of days going through the 27,000 words I’d written on this latest manuscript, and penned about 3,000 more words over the last three days. I’m hoping to keep this momentum going. Speed up my time working on the first draft so that the plot stays fresher as I’m writing.

I’m finding that I either focus on writing or marketing/publicity, but I have trouble combining both in the same day. This is something I’m going to have to rework. Perhaps, I’ll need to siphon off a specific time of day to work on writing and another chunk of time to focus on all the other ‘business’ bits. I’m also finding now that I work throughout the weekends on writing stuff. I also write into the evening, and when Im not writing, I’m often thinking about writing. I might be in need of a holiday.

Speaking of publicity, I’m being interviewed on Tuesday via Zoom by a Kitchissippi Times reporter for the November issue. It will be part of the ‘Humans of Kitchissippi’ section. It’s great to be supported by my local media! In case you missed my Daytime Ottawa interview on Rogers Cable 22, here’s the link.

In preparation for a book club visit in a few weeks, I’ve been rereading In Winter’s Grip, my first standalone adult murder mystery. The book was first published by RendezVous Crime back in 2010, and honestly, I’d forgotten a lot of the plot and characters. It took me a while to remember who the killer is. Unlike the Stonechild and Rouleau series, In Winter’s Grip is written in first person and set in a fictional town in Northern Minnesota. I don’t know if other writers are also surprised when rereading their work at what they’ve written — it’s a mystery, this creative process.

(I hate to use the ‘w’ word, but the snowy season is around the corner….)