Checking In

Checking In

Another week finishing up. Yesterday was a gift of a day here in the Ottawa Valley. Twenty-two degrees and sunny. A day to lift our spirits. I took the opportunity to clean out the last of my garden and read on the back patio. A late October treat.

My restlessness of last week spilled into this one and I haven’t spent much time in front of my computer writing. I realized that I’m jumbled on some of the plot details so I’ve stopped and am going back through the chapters and making notes. It feels time to get the timeline correct before I begin writing the last third of the book.

This past week, I sat in on a Crime Writers Canada (CWC) Zoom board meeting and am working on a publicity idea for Eastern Ontario members. CWC is focused on helping its members and it feels like we’re laying the groundwork for some exciting projects. I’m also enjoying working with such a keen group.

This upcoming Monday, I’ll be blogging on 7 Criminal Minds. The question concerns my upcoming book. Since I don’t have a contract for a new book, this will be a hard blog to write … check in to the blog Monday to see how I do 🙂

Like many of you, I ordered a fire pit for our backyard so that we can visit with people as long as possible outside. We already have a heat lamp hanging from the ceiling of our back deck and Ted put up tarps on two sides to keep the heat in. Even without the fire pit, the space is surprisingly warm. Amazon gave us a month of free Amazon Prime, so we’ve been watching The Marvellous Mrs. Maisel – such a great series to take your mind off everything going on in this world. We’re still waiting for our fire pit so I’m guessing there’s been a run on them like there was on toilet paper in the spring.

Fine dining in our backyard in late-October – a new first!

Ottawa moved back into stage two of lockdown a couple of weeks ago. This means no indoor dining or bars, closed gyms, closed curling clubs and limited numbers of people allowed to gather outdoors. One concern is keeping the neighbourhood restaurants and pubs viable so I”ve been ordering more take out and delivery and tipping the staff in the hopes of helping to keep them going. One person can’t do a lot, but if we all make an effort (those of us in a position to do so that is), we can make a difference. This goes for other independent businesses, including bookstores. Do what you can to support them or we’re going to lose some valued businesses before this pandemic is contained.

So in to the last week of October. I’m hoping to return to my desk to get some work done, finish making chapter notes and push ahead with some writing. Tune in next week to see how I do 🙂 Wishing you a fine week ahead.