When Last Seen

When Last Seen

The hardest part is not knowing…

Ottawa is baking under a July heatwave when the Homicide and Major Crimes Unit is called to help track down missing three-year-old Charlie McGowan. This is the second missing person case in nine months — a university exchange student never made it back to her Carleton University residence from a downtown party in November.

At first, the two disappearances appear unrelated, but as true crime podcaster Ella Tate and Detective Liam Hunter dig deeper into both files, unsettling relationships begin to emerge. Evidence, however, remains frustratingly out of reach as the clock keeps ticking and concern for both missing victims takes on a heightened urgency.

And then Liam Hunter gets a call that a body’s been found on the Ottawa River Parkway …


When Last Seen is the second in the Hunter and Tate Mystery series from Ivy Bay Press. Publication date is April 1, 2023.

Publisher: Ivy Bay Press


978-0-9784284-4-0 (Trade Paperback)

978-0-9784284-3-3 (E-book)

978-0-9784284-5-7 (Audiobook)

Reviews for When Last Seen

“… compelling characters, an interesting plot and a conclusion that one does not see coming.”
Glebe Report

“When Last Seen is the second book in a remarkable new procedural series that combines the sleuthing of a compassionate cop and dogged journalist in one of the most gripping stories of a missing child I’ve seen so far on page or screen. Ottawa is vividly brought to life as the urban backdrop to an intelligently and deftly told story of suspense.”

– Allister Thompson, Editor

“is Every Parent’s Nightmare, played out as the focus of a dedicated cop and a single-minded true crime podcaster/journalist, both of them determined to find the truth. The dynamics between Hunter and Tate – true friends and colleagues without being lovers – forms the heart of this intricate, riveting tale of a missing child, family jealousy, business skullduggery, and the deepest sort of betrayal. Hunter and Tate are a duo to root for. I’m looking forward to their next outing.”

– Vicki Delany, national bestselling author and recipient of the 2019 Derrick Murdoch Award for Contributions to Canadian Crime Writing


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