Trail of Secrets

Trail of Secrets

In the fourth and final instalment in the Jennifer Bannon mystery series, Jennifer begins Grade Eleven at Springhills High, where her life is far from settled. Her mother has moved to L.A. with her new husband, Jennifers boyfriend moves to McGill to study pre-med and Jennifer fears their relationship will not survive the separation. She’s worried about her best friend Ambie who has been secretly e-mailing the biological father she has never met. This story deals with themes of belonging, friendship and loss. While Jennifer struggles to find her place in a family separated by divorce and with friendships marked by change, she must learn how to rely on herself.

Publisher: Dundurn Publisher
ISBN: 978-1-89491-776-6

Reviews of Trail of Secrets

This novel is very good in presenting the story of Jennifer for those familiar with the series and those who are new to Jennifer Bannon. Chapman presents a likeable heroine, one who does not find life effortless and one who is able to solve some problems but not able to solve everything. . . . This novel would be good for looking at family situations, students looking for something to read with a good story and for those who enjoy multi-book series.

Review by Alison Edwards
Reviewed in Resource Links (teacher and librarian magazine)

Canadian Review of Materials
The Canadian Review of Materials published by the The Manitoba Library Association rated Trail of Secrets ****/ 4 stars and “Highly Recommended”.  Read the review!

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