Running Scared

Running Scared

Feeling somehow to blame for her father’s absence, thirteen-year-old Jennifer Bannon struggles to hang on to her dream that he will return and they can be a family again – a dream that doesnt include her mother’s new boyfriend, nights of looking after her little sister or a ninth grade year that is rapidly going down the toilet. Finally after two years of waiting Jennifer learns that her father is back in town, and suddenly the dream seems within reach. However, hope quickly turns to horror when Jennifer witnesses an event that threatens to tear apart her family and perhaps destroy the life of someone she loves. Will Jennifer be able to unravel the mystery in time, or will keeping a secret turn deadly?

Publisher: Dundurn Publisher
ISBN: 978-1-89491-714-8

Reviews of Running Scared

Brenda Chapman is an excellent storyteller with a style that will appeal to readers of all ages. Her characters are likable and realistic.

Karen L. Syed, Echelon Press Publishing

The fast pace of the first person narrative, mystery, and humour throughout Running Scared make it a page turner.

Canadian Teacher Magazine

It’s refreshing to find a young adult’s novel with a heroine who doesn’t just react to events, but instead does her best to use her energy and abilities to solve her problems. And the novel is a mystery, a popular genre with people of all ages, so there is an extra incentive to see how young Jennifer Bannon works out her problems.

Thunder Bay Chronicle-Journal – June 12th, 2005

This first novel of Canadian author Brenda Chapman is likely to make her a favourite among young mystery readers. The title and cover both predict a story full of scary events, and the tension begins to build in the first ten pages.

Review by Ann Ketcheson (CM Magazine) – ****/4

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