Bleeding Darkness

Bleeding Darkness

Two murders, fourteen years apart, both shrouded in secrets.

David McKenna lies dying in a Kingston hospital, his children gathered from across the country to say a final goodbye. But the family reunion opens old wounds. David’s only daughter, Lauren, never recovered from the unsolved murder of her high school best friend fourteen years earlier — or the suspicion that her brother, Tristan, was behind it.

Before David breathes his last, Tristan’s pregnant wife disappears and the Major Crimes Unit is called in to help find her. With Kala Stonechild struggling to reconnect with her foster niece and Zach Woodhouse making trouble for Staff Sergeant Jacques Rouleau, tensions are running high on the team, but they must put their personal problems aside when a woman’s strangled body is found frozen on the Rideau Trail.

With a winter storm sweeping the shores of Lake Ontario, the team uncovers unspeakable betrayals that give more than one suspect a reason to kill …

Publisher: Dundurn Publisher
ISBN: 978-1-45974-004-4

Reviews of Bleeding Darkness

As slick with twists and turns as the stormy Kingston winter streets, this beefy family drama will keep you turning pages.  

Ottawa Review of Books

The ongoing story lines in Kala and Rouleau’s personal and work lives add depth and strength to this book and the series as a whole. Readers will enjoy riding shotgun with them through every twist and turn of this intriguing case.  

Publisher’s Weekly

Bleeding Darkness is one of the best murder mysteries I have ever read because each unit of characters has an interesting life story, all of which make up the whole picture of the book.

Breakaway Reviews

BLEEDING DARKNESS  is a well-paced and well-structured whodunit that effortlessly combines contemporary tensions among family members with events rooted in a tortured past. Chapman shows once again why she is on the rise among thoughtful and insightful crime writers. BLEEDING DARKNESS is not only a good Canadian crime novel—it is a good crime novel, period.

Reviewing the Evidence

A complex and suspenseful mystery. Recommended highly to crime-fiction fans looking for a new author.


Bleeding Darkness is a cleverly-crafted story, steeped in suspense, impossible to put down

Rick Mofina, bestselling author of Last Seen

This is a solidly constructed and compelling mystery—and a tale of inter- and intra-family conflict.

The Popular Culture Association Mystery & Detective Fiction Reading List

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