Blind Date Makes an Entrance

Blind Date Makes an Entrance

Good morning, everyone. For those affected, don’t forget to spring your clocks forward an hour in the wee hours tonight.

Blind Date has a virtual launch this coming Tuesday evening at 7 p.m. EDT on my Facebook page. You do not have to be on Facebook to access the page and launch. Mary Jane Maffini will interview me about the book and I’ll do a brief reading. Here is the link

I will also be at Perfect Books on Elgin in Ottawa on Sunday, March 20 from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. Drop by to get a signed copy or if you’ve already bought a copy (no matter from where), bring it along and I’ll sign and we can have a chat, albeit with masks on!

This past week, I worked on a presentation that I’ll be giving virtually soon on writing a mystery short story. I’ll also be dropping in on a book club, again virtually, so a few things going on. The audiobook is getting closer to completion and could be released earlier than anticipated. I’ll be letting you know who is narrating during the Tuesday launch.

I’ve been typing away at my latest manuscript, but have slowed as I work out the ending. Endings are tougher to pull off than you might think. The trick is getting your protagonist to plausibly figure out the mystery/killer/bad guy, and the clues need to be laid out for them to do this throughout the book. Crime fiction readers are adept at finding holes in the plot and inconsistencies, so the author has to check and double check all the facts. Still, keeping readers guessing about the villain and throwing in a twist  or two is half the fun 🙂

Finally this week, thank you to all those who’ve bought Blind Date and sent along photos (like the one below) and notes. Thanks also to those posting reviews and recommending my books to others. I’m touched by your support and kindness.