Beating the February Blues

Beating the February Blues

We are chugging our way through February. Having Valentine’s Day in the middle does make the month that much sweeter. I know. I know. It’s a hokey holiday meant to sell chocolate, roses and greeting cards, but I’ve always loved it. From the time we exchanged Valentines in grade school to now when my husband and I go out to dinner, it’s just been a day that makes me happy. I hope the same is true for you.

This week was quiet on the things needing doing front, so I got back working on my latest manuscript. I went through the chapters I’d written, made notes, and updated the character list. I also wrote a chapter and figured out how the story is going to come together. I’m now close to 26,000 words and on a role. Feeling good.

The When Last Seen audiobook is rolling along too. Narrator Heather Williams is now working on the last six chapters. Heather doesn’t read the book ahead of time, preferring to be as surprised as you are by the outcome and not reading the characters in a way that tips off whodunit. I’ll ask her every so often who she thinks the killer is and she was completely thrown by the reveal. The clues are there, but not obvious — the result I’m always aiming for when I put the book out to readers.

I also spent time on marketing this week ahead of When Last Seen‘s release on April 1st. I’ve had several requests for reviews and a couple of upcoming newspaper opportunities. I’ll continue trying to get the word out!

So, yesterday evening the Scotties national curling championship for women began, and we’ve keen interest since our daughter Lisa is coaching the Kaitlyn Lawes team. Games will be shown on TSN all week and this begins a month of championships – the Brier, Worlds (men and women) … lots of exciting tv ahead, and when it’s all done, spring will be here!

Have a great weekend, everyone:-)