Back at the Keyboard

Back at the Keyboard

Men’s world curling on tv and Tiger Woods back at the Masters — for a rainy week in April, lots to keep us entertained.

I managed to get in some writing, approaching 73,000 words. I’m aiming for 80,000 as I always add when the editing and revisions start. That will take up my summer! My plan is to have the manuscript to my editor by the fall.

There has been good progress on the Blind Date audiobook. Only two chapters to go! Stay tuned for its launch onto all the audiobook sites.

It was a quiet week on the publicity front. No events or book club visits. However, I have a few gigs on the horizon. I’ll be interviewing B.C. author Iona Whishaw on Friday, May 27 as part of the brand-spanking new Maple Leaf Mystery Conference. An advance reading copy of her latest book Framed by Fire arrived in the post yesterday for me to read in preparation for our chat. We’ve met a few times over the years and I can tell you that Iona is a really interesting speaker in addition to being a fine writer so I’m quite looking forward to our interview. You can sign up for this virtual conference for $25  — there are panels of crime writers from across the country and interviews with some best-selling authors Ian Rankin, Rick Mofina and Vicki Delany. Here’s a link with more information.

And finally, I blogged this past Monday on 7 Criminal Minds and the weekly question asked what we read to get out the cobwebs when w’re writing. Here’s my post.

That’s it for me. Have a great week, everyone.

Go Team Gushue. Go Tiger.

And how’s this for a dedicated reader? Sent from my friend as he recovered from surgery – I’m happy to say he’s home now and well on the mend. Coincidently, he’s in the same hospital when this photo was taken as some scenes in the book.