Away from the Keyboard Kind of Week

Away from the Keyboard Kind of Week

It’s been another busy week, but not all on the writing front. I did some volunteering at the Under-18 curling nationals and this took up most of three days. It was good though to take a break from my normal routine, and to take in some great competition.

I also managed to complete the final edits on Fatal Harvest, and that is a huge relief. There will now be time to focus and write the next manuscript. I’ll also continue to work on publicity and bookkeeping (taxes). As I reported last week, I ordered some new bookmarks; unfortunately, they arrived substandard, so I’m back to square one. The bookmarks are smaller than I’d imagined (or how they appeared in the mock up), and you can’t read the text because it’s so tiny. Live and learn!

It was my Monday to blog on 7 Criminal Minds. Here is a link to my post, which discusses work/life balance and juggling projects. Check out the other posts on this subject – some interesting insights into how my fellow authors work.

One other fun thing this week; a Zoom call with three people from my kindergarten class! One of my former classmates is attempting to bring us together every few months via the magic of technology. I grew up in Terrace Bay, a mill town of 2000 people when I was a kid, located on the North Shore of Lake Superior. “True North”, the article I wrote some years ago that was published in Canadian Living compares growing up in a small town vs. a city. Anyhow, so cool to see people I hadn’t been in touch with for fifty years, and to reminisce about our childhoods. We were in the same class all through primary school and high school, so lots of memories to share.

My kindergarten class – can you pick me out?

(look for a polka dot dress:-)