Avoiding March Madness

Avoiding March Madness

It’s a sure sign of spring when we turn the clocks forward – for all those affected, tonight is the night!

I’ve had a quiet week on the writing front. Got going on a new chapter but have stopped as I try to think about what kind of book I actually want to write next. I enjoyed writing the standalone thriller but don’t know if it will sell … plus I need a fresh idea. I could start another series but need to come up with some good characters to carry one forward. Perhaps taking a break isn’t the worst thing. I’ll do some reading and wait for the muse to strike. Twenty-three books later, maybe I need to step back and recharge.

Some readers have sent me great feedback and words of encouragement for my books. The first reviews for Closing Time have also been gratifying. I received my author copies a few days ago and hear the book is in some bookstores. Apparently, it sold out quickly in Novel Idea bookstore in Kingston and they’ve had to reorder 🙂 My Ottawa launch is Saturday, May 9 between 2:00 and 4:00 p.m. at the Granite Curling Club – I had to pick a date after curling season and not too far after publication. I’ve started sending out the electronic invitation, but be assured that you are most welcome to come by with or without one.

It was my Monday to blog on 7 Criminal Minds blogspot. The topic is what part of the writing craft we most need to improve upon so you can find out my weakness as well as those of my fellow writers.

So this week I’ll finalize my tax receipts and get that in to my accountant. I’ll get busy sending out more launch invitations. I’ll also spend some time thinking about my next project. Otherwise, I’ve got three curling games lined up and lots of free time. Cleaning out my office is always my fall back if life gets boring … hasn’t happened yet, but you never know.