April Showers Bring More Covid Lockdown

April Showers Bring More Covid Lockdown

Well this April hasn’t turned out to be my favourite month. Stricter Covid rules mean we cannot get together with anybody outside our household (i.e. in our case, me and Ted) until May 20th. With the exception of getting together outdoors with one other person if they live alone. We had been allowed five people get-togethers outdoors with social distancing so this latest change is really confining. The whole idea is that we stay at home and break the chain of infection and give our hospital frontline workers some relief. Necessary it seems, but not easy or enjoyable for anyone.

I wrapped up my second edit of my latest manuscript on Sunday and sent it off to my four readers, each of whom will bring a different perspective. I’ve since been slowly rereading the manuscript and have fixed some small grammar-type errors. It’s amazing how they continually slip past. I’m also looking for the same word used too closely together and have changed a few of those. My readers should have their comments to me by mid-May (will still be in lockdown) so I’m in a holding pattern until then.

With spare time on my hands, I’ve rediscovered the joy of online buying. I’ve successfully ordered rain boots, two trees for the front yard, three perennials, a dress, three tops, a pair of sandals and a whole lot of environmentally friendly household products … oh yes, and a prime rib roast. Deep breath. I need to step back from the computer….

My Rick Mofina interview will be posted on the Crime Writers of Canada website on Monday, which is also the same day that I blog on 7 Criminal Minds blogspot. I’ve also signed up for a couple of Sisters in Crime webinars, including one of podcasting and another on agents. It’s kind of cool to listen in on sessions originating out of Texas and Pheonix. I listened in on one out of Texas on the weekend with a private eye who told some fascinating stories about past cases.

So on we go. At least our weather is improving (after two days of light snow last week) (Just to make us all start drinking in the afternoon). Perhaps, warmer temperatures will help raise our spirits. Mine are a bit low at the moment but the dip is temporary as I adjust to lockdown again. As long as we have our health, the rest will fall into place.

Have a good, safe week everyone and I’ll check in again next Saturday.