Another Week in Covid Lockdown

Another Week in Covid Lockdown

These Saturdays seem to roll around faster and faster. The Covid lockdown has me losing track of time and I’m constantly having to check what day it is, usually surprised when I find out. Happily, I’m still getting dressed in the morning so haven’t completely lost my bearings. Into the third year of the pandemic and riding out the latest wave — I’ll be so glad when we can stop worrying about getting together with people and can take off the face masks. This week, I’ve been double-masking whenever I’ve gone shopping. Feels like a step backwards.

I’ve been doing a lot of book-housekeeping and no writing on my new manuscript. I’m using the next few weeks to organize myself and to get started on some publicity for the next release. I spent about five days doing final edits of Blind Date, which I’m happy to report is now available for preorder on Amazon Kindle. The paperback version will be available March 1st! I have to say that when I first set March 1st as the release date, it felt like I had tons of time to prepare. Now, I’m thinking I should have set the date a few months further on. I’m working on publicity and feel like I’m way behind being ready. I also spent time yesterday getting my paperwork in order for dreaded tax time.

This week, I’ve been taking an Amazon course about placing ads. It’s a six-day course, with about an hour video to watch and the same amount of time for homework. I’m learning a lot that I think could be useful down the road. It’s opening my eyes to an entirely new marketing tool.

So, when I spoke with people on the phone this week, everyone seemed worn out with not a lot to talk about. I include myself. To combat the January-pandemic blahs, I’ve started a daily walk with my neighbour and her dog, Ezra and gotten back on my stationary bike. Exercise, even a walk around a couple of blogs in the frigid afternoon, is one way to combat stress and disconnected feelings. I hope you’re doing well and recommend incorporating physical activity into your day as a way to stay healthy, mentally and physically.

Until next Saturday, take good care. Curl up with a good book and tune out the world for a while. There’s no lockdown in the world of our imaginations 🙂